The centre seeks applications to join the programme in September 2020 from talented graduates with an interest in machine learning research. The minimum requirements for entry into the programme are:

  • 2.1 grade (or equivalent) in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in computer science, maths, engineering or similar technical discipline.
  • Strong programming ability.
  • Non-native English speakers require at least IELTS 6.5 (with at least 6 in all components) or equivalent (further details on equivalence of tests are available here).
  • Machine learning experience is desirable but not mandatory.

To join the programme complete the application form by 31 January 2020

Further information about the questions asked in the application form are provided here. When preparing your application please keep the following in mind:

  • Details provided in each section of the application are very important and our decision to offer places will be primarily based on this content – we will only ask for transcripts etc for candidates who are successful in the early rounds of the process.
  • Try to carefully write your answers to each section keeping them relevant to this PhD programme specifically – what achievements help you stand out as a great ML-Labs applicant?
  • When providing grades for completed undergraduate or postgraduate degrees please remember that different countries and institutions use different schemes (in UCD we use a GPA scale that ranges from 0 to 4.2). Please provide context for grades that you enter – for example, if you provide a score outline the ranges possible, e.g. “8.0 (out of 10)” instead of just “8.0”.
  • When describing technical and research achievements please provide as much context as possible. For example, instead of saying “I am a good Python programmer” say “I have been programming in Python for 3 years and have developed large systems such as the hand gesture classification system available at”. Similarly, for any research achievements try to add context to help us judge their impact.

Each student in the centre will receive a generous scholarship valued at over €120,000. This includes a tax-free stipend of €18,500 per year for four years, full coverage of tuition fees, funds for conference travel, and an ample equipment allowance. Students will also have the opportunity to earn extra income within their host institution through teaching activities.

The centre is committed to diversity in its named supervisor group and its student body and so applications from international students and from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged.

All students will be members of a cohort in the centre and complete training activities as a group across the three host institutions. Each student, however, will be offered a place in one host institution from which they will receive their PhD.

Students will join the ML-Labs programme without having made a commitment to work on a specific research project with a particular project supervisor. During the initial Bootcamp a series of matchmaking events will be organised to allow students and supervisors to meet to discuss research interests and to find the best matches between students, supervisors, and research topics. This process has been designed this way to allow all involved to have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and as it has been shown to work very well on international PhD training programmes.

Email any queries to