Leadership Team

The Centre for Research Training in Machine Learning is a collaboration between University College Dublin, Dublin City University, and Technological University Dublin. It is led by Dr. Brian Mac Namee, Dr. Georgiana Ifrim, Prof. Noel O’Connor, and Prof. Sarah Jane Delany.

Dr. Brian Mac Namee
Dr. Georgiana Ifrim
Prof. Noel O’Connor
Prof. Sarah Jane Delany

Operations Team

Our operations team is led by Centre Manager Dr. Antonella Ferrecchia who is based in University College Dublin and manages the activities of the centre.

Dr. Antonella Ferrecchia

Named Supervisor Group

The centre has a team of 53 named supervisors with world class expertise in ML and relevant application areas. The group is also diverse across genders, nationalities, career stages, and interests. This group includes winners of multiple best paper awards, an Irish Research Council Laureate, members of the RIA, an IEEE Fellow, the founders of the international Summer School on Deep Learning for Computer Vision, a Minerva Informatics Equality award finalist, multiple patent holders, EurAI fellows, multiple successful serial entrepreneurs, Programme Chairs of the most important ML conferences, directors of H2020 Marie Curie ITNs, the founders of CodeFirstGirls and Girl’s Hack Ireland, inventors of key techniques in deep learning, and editorial board members of leading ML journals.

Some members of the named supervisor group.
Supervisor NameInstitutionIndicative Project Title
Marguerite BarryUCDSharing the burden: Designing for autonomy and care in human/AI partnerships
Julie BerndsenUCDWhat lies beneath: what can deep learning tell us about how humans process speech?
Michela BertolottoUCDMachine learning for crowd-sourced spatial data quality assessment
Paula CarrollUCDUnderstanding residential electricity consumers demand needs and supply capabilities using explainable machine learning models
Fintan CostelloUCDIdentifying and eliminating systematic biases in statistical machine-learning techniques
David CoyleUCDMachine Intelligence and Human Agency
John DeepuUCDEmbedded machine learning for Individualised anomaly detection in wearable IoT devices
Anca Delia JurcutUCDBlockchain-based Deception Technique Modelling for Robust Network Forensics using Machine Learning
Pierpaolo DondioTUDLearning Argumentation Graphs for Explainable AI Systems
Ruihai DongUCDIntelligent Conversational Recommender Systems
Cathy EnnisTUDML techniques for plausible character animation generation:
Lorna FitzsimonsDCUMachine learning for process optimisation in water treatment and desalination
Jennifer FosterDCUVector space representations for natural language processing
Crystal FultonUCDOlder Adults as Technological Creators
Pavel GladyshevUCDForensic analysis of self-learning systems
Derek GreeneUCDLink Prediction in Heterogeneous Social Networks
Deepak AjwaniUCDLearning algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems
Svetlana HensmanTUDKnowledge enhanced text classification for short length documents
Andrew HinesUCDPredicting context and content and service sensitive quality ratings for multimedia streaming using knowledge graphs.
Georgiana IfrimUCDExplainable Machine Learning Models for Structured Data
Sarah Jane DelanyTUDExploring Text Representation for Text Analytics
Mark KeaneUCDExplainable AI for Deep Learning in SmartAg
Tahar KechadiUCDDistributed ensemble networks techniques for big data analysis
Brian KeeganTUDPractical Applications of Machine Learning for Cyber Security
David LeonardTUDAn Analytic Perspective on the Evolution of Learned Concepts in Deep Learning Networks
Tanya LevingstoneDCUMachine Learning for in bioengineering and orthopedics
Suzanne LittleDCUSemantic indexing of large-scale multimedia data for instrumented vehicles
Luca LongoTUDCombining Machine Learning and Argumentation Theory to support Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Brian Mac NameeUCDUsing Pre-trained CNN Model Features in Image-based Active Learning
Eleni ManginaUCDRecommender System for Energy Integration in Residential Sector
Susan Mc KeeverTUDAutomated detection of video content through machine learning and video analytics
Gavin McArdleUCDUsing Machine Learning to Discover Places
John McAuleyTUDThe development of deep visualisations for modelling large-scale high dimensional data
Kevin McGuinnessDCUJoint cross-modal embeddings for captioning and interpretable image retrieval
Alessandra MileoDCUContinuous/Adaptive Rule Learning for Scalable Stream Reasoning
Catherine MooneyUCDmicroRNA Target Prediction
Gabriel-Miro MunteanDCUAdaptive Solution for Remote Delivery of Virtual Reality Content
Noel O’ConnorDCUAdapting Computer Vision Object Recognition Models To New Visual Domains And Object Types Without Forgetting
Sean O’LearyTUDHigh Level Transformation of Sampled Speech
Liliana PasqualeUCDSharing Cyber-Physical Incidents Knowledge
Gianluca PollastriUCDDiscovering hidden signals of life: protein function prediction by Deep Learning
Mark RoantreeDCUOn-Demand Query Methodologies for Dynamic Data Marts
Robert RossTUDUnsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Activity Patterns in Interleaved Data
Colm RyanUCDClustering of tumour proteomic profiling data
Mark ScanlonUCDExpediting Digital Forensics through Automated Evidence Analysis
Bianca Schoen-PhelanTUDUAV assisted continuous crop analysis using unsupervised machine learning on RGB images
Kalpana ShankarUCDData Ethics in Corporate Environments
Guenole SilvestreUCDApplications of multi-layer neural networks to digital signal processing and information forensics.
Alan SmeatonDCUNeural network architectures for media analysis and description
Barry SmythUCDApplying recommender systems techniques to support physical exercise.
Tony VealeUCDStory-Telling By A Show of Hands
Anthony VentresqueUCDGood Answers and Good Questions: Machine Learning Techniques to Make
Conversational Agents more Relevant
Tomas WardDCUExplainable AI Strategies to Support Clinical Decision Making.
Andy WayDCUModelling Structured Learning in Neural Machine Translation.
Lina XuUCDHuman behavior prediction though noninvasive and privacy-preserving monitoring for active and healthy aging